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Application for Corporate Renewal

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Name of Licensed Architect Completing Form
Business Information
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Attach a PDF confirming your business registration with the Nova Scotia Registry of Joint Stocks
The NSAA’s membership directory will enable individuals to search for architects geographically and by practice areas of interest. In order to assist potential clients and members of the public to engage your services, please select one or more categories.
If your specializations are not in the list above, enter them here.
Employee Information
The licensed architects who will carry on the practice of architecture for or on behalf of the business in Nova Scotia, licensed under the Nova Scotia Architects Act, are
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Licensed Architect Fees

In addition to the per licensed architect fee of $143.75 applicable to all corporate renewals, you now have the option to pay for the individual renewal fees of some or all of the licensed architects working within your corporation at a cost of $1,127.00 per licensed architect. If you so choose, you will be provided with a list of renewal codes for distribution to the individuals for whom you are paying, which they can then use as payment when completing their individual renewal.

Payment Details