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Application for Licensed Architect
Architects Currently Licensed in Canada


Please Note: The following application is for individuals who are currently registered as an Architect with a Canadian Architectural Licensing Authority and intend to practise architecture in Nova Scotia. In order for this application to be processed you must:

  • Complete this application in full
  • Upload all required documents (see document list below)
  • Pay all applicable fees
All correspondence from NSAA will be sent via email. You must use an email address that you monitor regularly when registering with the Association. Please add to your safe senders list.

Please be advised:

  • A corporate permit is required for practice by any business. You must ensure your business has a current, or is currently applying for, corporate permit with the NSAA.
  • You will require proof of liability insurance (in the form of a certificate of insurance), and documentation confirming that this insurance covers all work in Nova Scotia (this may be in the form of a letter from the insurer), unless exempt under regulation 10(2).


If you will be uploading your documents with this application, please make sure you have the following scanned in PDF or JPG format before you begin:

Alternatively, you can send your documents by regular mail, but this will lengthen the processing time considerably.


Required Documents:

Copies of these documents are required in order to complete the application. Please make sure they are complete and scanned so they can be attached to this application below or have mailed directly to the Nova Scotia Association of Architects.

  • Copy of Birth certificate or other identification documents such as passport
  • Confirmation of registration/licence from all jurisdiction in which applicant is currently licensed
  • Confirmation from your home jurisdiction that you are currently up to date with your Continuing Education requirements, and were compliant with those requirements at the end of your jurisdiction’s last Continuing Education Cycle.
  • Certificate of Insurance (Demonstrating current Professional Liability Insurance)